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I.Apostolopoulou 64 str., 15231 Chalandri
T.: 213 088 79 10

Manos through our eyes

Polite and with noble manners, it is rumored that in his ``previous life`` he had a title of royalty!!!

He is methodical, perfectionist and assertive. He has his own way to stimulate the interest of the participants and to approach, effectively, the program’s objectives.
He loves travelling and good food! And when time helps, he chooses to read, to exercise and to play the pool!

His professional career

Manos has worked as Commercial Manager and Sales Manager in major multinational companies such as BIC, Sare Lee, LG, OPAP and Unilever. He has also lived and worked in Asia for 3 years as General Sales Director Asia and holds an MBA from Monash University, Mt. Eliza Business School.
The fields of expertise are Sales, Negotiations skills, Coaching, Time Management, Stress Management, Marketing & Trade Marketing, Big Account Management, Corporate Culture and Change Management.

Today Manos works with BrainUp Business Consultants as a consultant and trainer.

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