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I.Apostolopoulou 64 str., 15231 Chalandri
T.: 213 088 79 10

Maria through our eyes

Maria is kind, dynamic and supportive.

She believes in the freedom of people to do exactly what makes them happy without prejudice. She adapts easily to different situations and in difficult situations she shows the funny side of things.

She likes respect for everyone and loves animals and nature very much.

She loves food, walks and when she has time she does Scuba Diving.

Her professional course

Maria is a graduate of the Department of Economic and Regional Development of Panteion University. She starts her master’s degree in ALBA with a specialization in Marketing.

She speaks 3 foreign languages, English, French and a little Italian and holds an ECDL.

She has attended numerous seminars on personal development, sales, Negotiations, customer service and mini MBA Diploma program.

The most important companies she worked for were PEPSICO-IVI, which started as an accounting clerk and continued in the ordering department and in the commercial department as a Personal Assistant of the Sales Department. She continued at Mathisis Business Consultants as an office support, training material development and facilitator.

She has worked in the wholesale sector of the small market (kiosks, convenience stores) as a person in charge of ordering and customer service.

A milestone in its course is its 7-year work at ELVIART – Kaloidas SA in the field of exports, Retail and Marketing, switching to the Sales department as a Sales Supervisor with areas of responsibility in both Attica and the province.

Today she works at Brain up as Account Manager & Project Coordinator.

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