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I.Apostolopoulou 64 str., 15231 Chalandri
T.: 213 088 79 10

Nadia through our eyes

Words that describe her: enthusiasm, new ideas, creativity, authentic connection, kindness and peacefulness.
She likes both teaching and being taught something new every day!

She is passionate about: Improvisational Theatre and Physical Theatre! She teaches Physical Improv Classes after the office!
She loves everything about nature, yoga, travelling and music!

Her professional career

Nadia Vlastou is a graduate of Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Business Science and Technology, majoring in “Strategy and Human Resources”. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of KU Leuven, Belgium, Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences, majoring in “Experiential Education” .

She discovered her inclination when she held the administrative position of Talent Management in Aiesec with the main duty of training members. She also acquired important relevant experience when she worked as a trainer for Global.me Project in Finland.

She has worked as an Educator for many years both in Athens and abroad helping students develop core soft skills such as presentation skills, as well as promoting Developmental Education. Since 2008, she has been conducting experiential workshops in Greek and English under the topic of Soft Skills Development and Applied Improv, working for organizations such as Aiesec, Improvibe, Act Attack, Vrusaki, Anelixis Consulting, and Human Technology.

Today, she is a valuable member of BrainUP Business Consultant, as a consultant, trainer and content developer.

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