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I.Apostolopoulou 64 str., 15231 Chalandri
T.: 213 088 79 10

Romina through our eyes

Romina is friendly, reliable, consistently willing to cooperate.

Her communicative nature, unwavering support, and fun-loving personality
cultivate a positive work environment.

She finds joy in aerial dancing and indulges her passion for cinema and arts.
Beyond that, she has an adventurous spirit and an innate love for exploring nature through travel.

Her professional career

Romina is a graduate of the School of Management and Economics, with a degree in “Librarianship and Information Systems”. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Psychology from Plymouth University, England.

She has been employed for 13 years in higher education, in the administration of the Library Department and as a Guest Lecturer for the course “Academic Research & Study Skills”. She has trained over 3000 students, providing the necessary research skills, and ensuring the best use of the academic resources and scholarly information available to them.

Following a career path in training and development of human resources in companies was a natural choice initiated by her postgraduate studies. She believes that well-being in the workplace is not just a word on a piece of paper. It is a real goal, a mission, and believes it is the foundation for a productive, creative, and fulfilling work life.

Today from her role of Customer Value Growth Expert at BrainUp Business
Consultants, she is passionate about delivering training programs composed of the best practices in the field of soft skills and workplace well-being.

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