Manousos Maropakis& his Group, with their motto of

"Walk the Talk"

suggest alternative training experiences to develop your human resources.

We are constantly discovering new ways to inspire you and bring you knowledge and experiences.

We design innovative - tailor made - educational solutions with a strong experiential and interactive approach.

We always focus on the practical dimension of knowledge so that participants can apply the knowledge, tools, new skills and behaviours directly and effectively.

Brain Up, in collaboration with H2H for even greater success in the development of your People

  • Coaching can be combined either with the training programs designed & implemented by BrainUp, or independently (stand alone).
  • It is carried out both on an individual and group level.


Intensely experiential approach

in all our educational programmes. Because as we all know "If you don't "get it", how can you learn"?

Love for what we do

inspiration, creativity, innovation and consistency.

Specialist advisers
& trainers

with significant professional and educational experience, who design and implement personalized, individual, experiential educational programs exclusively for your needs

Inspired techniques
from the world of theatre

because this is the way to develop immediacy with the audience and keep their interest.

But there is another important ingredient without which we could not continue!


We are chosen by the largest Greek and multinational companies of all sectors. Random? We don't think so.

We are non-negotiable as
to the principles and values and we believe that we will
agree with us, after NOT

  • we compromise with traditional training methods by reading the content of a presentation
  • we are the protagonists, but you
  • we ask learners to simply watch us... We ask for their active participation and contribution to learning
  • mediocrity expresses us. Besides, as the founder of BrainUp - Manousos Maropakis - says, it is not bad to be mediocre, as long as you are... coffee!

At BrainUp, Only We Can... but We Can't Do It Alone.

We need you to gather the data and recommend the ideal training solution based on the standards and needs, experiences, expectations and objectives of your learners and your company. How?

Our approach

We draw our inspiration, adapt our approach and develop our philosophy, constantly monitoring the latest trends, the environment and the reality of the VUCA the world we live in.
That's why, inspired by the new digital environment and listening carefully to the new generations, who are currently transitioning from the Gaming at Gamification, we proudly present our new motto: Skill Up to Level Up.
What we are realising is that people now want to learn faster, more practically, more enjoyably and much more focused. But they also want the fact that they are moving up a level, or Level, to be visible - to be recognised - and it is clear where it will take them.
Our new philosophy is to provide the necessary skills, the ability, the skill upgrade, in an even more direct way and on the basis of a plan, a plan that will lead in a structured, clear and focused way to the development of people, the Level UP.