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I.Apostolopoulou 64 str., 15231 Chalandri
T.: 213 088 79 10

Manousos through our eyes

Manousos is the man who sees the glass always half-full.
He sets goals and succeeds them. He inspires and gets inspired by everyone and everything.

Communicative, active and creative. Every training is a new experience for him and his audience!
His greatest love? Theater! He has studied theatre and has participated in performances as an actor and director.
How does his theatrical skills affect his training? It is worthwhile to understand it.
His passion? A Football team of Piraeus (easy to guess).

His professional career

Manousos is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Business Administration.
He worked in major Greek and multinational companies as Sales Manager & Trade Marketing Manager. He has worked with TEAM Business Consultants for 5 years as a training partner and shareholder.
He has been trained as a consultant in Management, Category Management, Merchandising, Sales Techniques, Communication and Presentation Techniques in Denmark, England and France. He has trained over 23,000 people in major corporations and educational institutions. He has designed and implemented over 350 Experimental Seminars.

He has been a keynote speaker at major conferences and TEDx.

Today he is the founder and Managing Director of BrainUp Business Consultants.