Coaching Service

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Coaching, a means of Empowerment & Self-Improvement

It concerns the Supporting Individuals or Groupsin order to unlock the Skills and take advantage of the opportunities provided by their environment. It supports good health and highlights healthy supportive behavioural patterns (for the individual or group).

Coaching, focused on the solution & the result

Areas that Coaching focuses on

  • Coaching as an approach is linked to Positive Psychology.
  • It focuses on the future.
  • It focuses on the solution and the result.
  • It enhances the resilience of the individual, group and empowers.
  • It is a short-term intervention, aimed at personal development and behaviour change.
  • The person receiving Coaching is able to identify his/her emotional needs.
  • There is a variety of approaches and techniques.
  • It can be carried out either on an individual or group level.
  • More and more often Executives, Companies/Organizations and individuals invest in Coaching, as the benefits are many.

Impact on the body

  • Creativity and Innovation is enhanced
  • More Effective Leadership
  • Positive & Sustainable Development
  • Higher Staff Commitment
  • More stable Relationships & Partnerships with internal and external customers
  • Corporate responsibility is strengthened
  • High Performance
  • Employee engagement rate: 65%, Survey by the Human Capital Institute HCI & the International Coach Federation ICF, 2014

Benefits enjoyed by the person

  • Manages his daily life better
  • Strengthens the self-confidence of the
  • Increases its Individual Responsibility
  • Makes Conscious Decisions
  • Creates stronger bonds, relationships & partnerships
  • Improves its performance
  • Enhanced levels of resistance of the

Coaching Approaches & Tools

  • Colour profiling: Behavioural Pattern Identification Tool in combination with body intelligence, with the aim of Empowerment - Prevention - Supporting good health on a Mental & Emotional & Social level.
  • Personal Profile Analysis & Team Report: Skills Identification Tool, which was designed and is available exclusively from Brain Up Business Consultants.
  • Rising Vibe Tools: Coaching tools which are exclusively available in Greece by Brain Up Business Consultants in collaboration with Rising Vibe ltd in London.